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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Someone recently posed the question "Does winning matter? Or is it good enough to compete?" To answer, I thought back to the competitions I've been in this year. I never had any intention of winning the Iron Belle Challenge or Fight Gone Bad. I am all for positive thinking and a champion mindset, but no amount of visualizing first place was going to overcome years of a sedentary lifestyle. Still, I look back on both of those days as huge victories. When I signed up for each one, I had a vague goal in mind. As I trained and worked towards each one I set specific goals for myself. As I competed, I had my goal in mind and was ecstatic to surpass it each time. When posting about the events online, I absolutely used the #win hashtag. So did I win? I didn't take home any medals, trophies, or honors. All I took home were some photos, a t-shirt, and a mental image of me in that moment juxtaposed with me from 8 months ago.

- fast forward through hours of inner dialogue and a whole lot of nothing happening -

Here are my personal beliefs. I think you win when you reach what you set out to do. If you set out to attain a trophy, you win when you receive that trophy. If you set out to beat a certain personal record, you win when you beat that record. I realize there are many arguments to be made against the liberal interpretation of the word win and I don't disagree with all of them. I am just choosing to decide what victory means to me. After spending more time than necessary, I have come to the conclusion that my daily goal is still the same:

Today, I want to be my yesterday. And if I beat my yesterday, I win.

So yes. Winning matters and competition is good. I just choose to pit Jo 3.0 vs Jo 2.0.

Choose your competition, define your win, and conquer.


  1. Thank you, Wendy! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


  2. Great post Jo!

    Mel at The Clothes Make the Girl had a post along these lines as well (Called "The Best Versions of Us).

    Take care,